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Episode #51 – What’s Your Number?

Emma and Zorric invite Courtney King, an LPC (counselor) with her own private practice (who works with families, adolescents, self-esteem and eating disorders,) avid podcast listener, and Emma’s cool friend. They discuss and review The Enneagram, and what each number means. Courtney guesses what number Emma and Zorric are. Lastly, they play a game called, “What’s my Number?”

Special Guest:

Courtney King, MA, LPC
IG: @courtnieking @kingfamilycounseling
King Family Counseling

Creators and Hosts:

Emma Pineda
IG: @its_emmap

Zorric Sia
IG: @zorricsia
TW: @zorricsia

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IG: @datepodcast
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Episode #51 – What’s Your Number?