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Hosted by @its_emmap & @zorricsia The Date Podcast discusses dating apps, etiquette, and news.

Episode #37 – Single Parent and Dating

Emma and Zorric invite Josh Schneider, Software Developer, Improv Nerd, and Nerd in General, to talk about dating as a single dad. What is his approach to dating? They interview him about his writing on The Medium. How does he get the inspiration to write articles? Zorric finally reads “He’s Just Not That Into You” and surprises Emma! Finally, they discuss four things we unintentionally reveal about ourselves during first meetings.

Special Guest:
Josh Schneider
IG: @dijital20
TW: @Diji

The Medium articles & responses published by Josh:


Mentioned Sources:

What You Instantly and Unintentionally Reveal About Yourself – Psychology Today

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Episode #37 – Single Parent and Dating