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Hosted by @its_emmap & @zorricsia The Date Podcast discusses dating apps, etiquette, and news.

Episode #9 – Ask Me out on a Date

Emma, Zorric, and Taty discuss the timeline to remove your profile from dating apps when you begin a relationship. Do you use “I” or “you” statements? They talk about monogamy, polyamory, and open relationships. Finally, they share the purpose of dating apps is to schedule dates and how to ask a person out on a date.

Mentioned Sources:

Seeing someone new but still checking dating apps? –

Dating Apps Are for Scheduling Dates, People –

Special Guest:

Taty Cranshaw
IG: hot_totz

Creators and Hosts:

Emma Pineda
IG: @its_emmap

Zorric Sia
IG,TW: @zorricsia

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Episode #9 – Ask Me out on a Date